Saltman 2 is a tough MegaMan clone and an entry for Cartridge Jam 3.
It took about 2 weeks to make. 


Arrow Keys: Move
Z , A- Jump
X , S- Shoot

Gamepad support!


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAction, Platformer, Shooter
Made withConstruct
Tagsmegaman, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Short


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no xd

Where is salt man 1

Where can I listen to the music in the game


Any chance of a downloadable version? :D


now , speedrun this.


good game, but man those birds are something else

Please add a downloadable option if you can. It looks like it would be fun to play.

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just to be clear, this is me trying to help, not me saying what's wrong with the game, I love it! 

maybe you could add a cap to how much he can shoot though, because the more you kill your fingers the faster he shoots lol

you can pick up health even if you're at full, if you get hit after that, you can't get it back

the jump feels a bit stiff, like the gravity's very high (I don't know if that's the same with mega man) but I tend to jump too low a lot, maybe if you made the timer for how long you have to press your jump to go very high a little shorter? Or just decrease the gravity!

A super? For every (10?) enemies you kill you get something that does 5 times your blast damage?

The first boss (the snail one) can be easily beaten by standing on the platform an spamming X and S at the same time (in like 10 seconds)

overall, it's a VERY good game, very nice artstyle! Thx for taking your time to read this, I really thought everything through!

What went into creating the artstyle? I really enjoyed it! Feels very japanese, was Kero Blaster an inspiration at all? 

Very fun game, loved playing it, loved making the music for it!


wow! great game, had a blast playing it. Killed the final boss miraculously!


So good!! I have never really played megaman but I can definitely tell this is probably just like it except better :v)


no mega man is better


i love this tiny, salt-filled fella, i 100%'ed the game and love it so much, would love to see more of it.


This is by far the best salt-man submitted for this years cartridge jam! Extremely well done, keep up the good work gustav.


Great game! Megaman 2 tribute.


Fun graphics and enemies. Level design was good with some of those classic difficult Megaman parts where the enemies swarm and make it hard to jump! Would definitely play more.

But, couldn't seem to use my 8Bitdo SN30pro.

sorry about that, not sure why your controller doesn't work... construct 2 is set up to handle the xbox controller by default, maybe newer controllers won't work

The control is good, the dificulty too,

but the level design is not so good (in my opinion, not like Rockman) WAHOO!


Great Game! Feels like a real NES title. Controlles felt great and the game was fun! i played it for along time!

Deleted post

thank you :) I had the platform engine and scrolling system already made so the rest wasn't too bad

Thanks for liking the music! This game is super fun well done to gustav!

The composer here :)