In this game you trigger 3 different mechanisms to destroy the the ever approaching hoard of the NokNoks! When one of them fall, use their sucky death force to fuel your murderous machinations and fight back! The cycle must not be broken!

Gear up and FIGHT!

Directional Keys or Numpad to trigger your weapons:
Down/Num2: Cannon 
Up/Num8: Bomb Hatch
Left/Num4, Right/Num6: Crusher

This game was made for NOKIA 3310 Jam 2 with the theme "Death is Good"
How does this adhere to the theme?
You can only use your cool stuff if you kill the enemies.
So their death is good.
Good for you...
Get it?

(Thanks to Trix for the snappy mono-something sounds!)


(Hey, I'd love to know your hi-score! post down below, champ!)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct
TagsHigh Score, Minimalist, nokia-3310, Pixel Art, Tower Defense


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awesome game! the only thing missing is a boss. if there is one, I admit, I am weak at this game :D

Simple and great! Would love to play it on a real mobile 🤗

If this was on my 3310 back then, I'd play it all day!

this game is the best I played in this jam so far~easy to start hard to be skilled!

This is a purely 3310 game. I see myself playing this game. Haha

Wow such a great game. Well done!

Love it, 430

91, very fun.

Wow! Amazing! 

Best Score 343


great game! can't wait to see what you make next.


So good and satisfying as always.

Excellent use of the constraints.

thanks so much!